The “Fax Machine”

The Fax Machine, n. (1964-1998) An obsolete physical printer/telephone-like device that is connected to a dedicated phone line that clutters offices, consumes power, paper, time and toner, and causes great stress within the professional and business community.

The accused “Fax Machine”

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MAY 2013

After being accepted into the NJATC Apprenticeship Program in March 2012, I became a member of the IBEW.

Since then, I have installed Solar panels with Pheonix Solar; assisted with electrical installations at the Nissan Leaf Paint Shop 4 facility; laid groundwork piping for the new HCA Data Center in Nashville with BESCO; working with Conti Electric on various projects and punchlists in the construction of the new Nashville Music City Center; assisted with the installation and upgrading of the Hill-Rom Patient Call Systems at the Downtown Nashville VA Hospital with BESCO, and assisting with the lighting demolition and installations at Hoaganese, a manufacturing plant that produces customized precision formulas of powdered steel to be made into anything from welding rods to transmission parts.

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