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wireless-aironet-1130-ag-access-pointI recently had a run-in with figuring out some hard to find settings on a Cisco AIR-AP1130AG WAP.  If you don’t know what that is, you probably shouldn’t be fussing with it.  It’s a Commercial Cisco Wireless Access Point that can also be configured to act as a Repeater, Bridge, Gateway, ect.. It’s a pretty nifty device with a decent output that drowns most retail Residential WiFi toys.

The fact that they offer 54MBps factors into their current price of about $30 used (in various working conditions), which is an acceptable speed for most uses.  With a 150′ “G” range, these toys work great for event WiFi AP’s and Repeaters, especially in areas like in the concrete tunnels and on stage of Arena’s where rockstars and touring staff live during their stay.  They can be powered by POE, which is sweet if you’re going to install one in your home on the ceiling, or if you’re just running a single cable to a tripod with a WAP mounted on top of it for temporary WAP points like we do in Arena’s.  I have a collection of these just for setting up WiFi connections at events, and I use a LAP  version (Lightweight Access Point) in the home.

They take some Level-2.98 wisdom and plenty of patience to configure, as mentioned, this is a Commercial toy, not something you’re going to find on the shelf at WalMart or Staples; you’ll have to look higher, like at their ceiling, because that’s where they typically install them.


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